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24 juil.2009

Martin Muller force l'admiration Xalps 2009...

Reçu des photos de Martin Muller et Fabien Zuberer, magnifique les gars votre parcours !

Prise de risque maximum pour Martin qui n'hésite pas à gravir les montagnes, photo ci-dessous qui donne froid dans le dos...
GO ! GO ! Foncez et faites vous plaisir les gars !
Enjoy comme dirait Martin !

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“This is the toughest day yet, it’s so hot!” said 14th placed Matsubara Masayuki (JPN2) this afternoon.

With winds blowing into the Southern Alps, many Red Bull X-Alps athletes were struggling in the 34-degree heat to hike out of the punishing terrain west of Italy’s Marmolada.

It was also a day when three athletes left the race. Vincent Sprungli (FRA1) quit this morning after two hard landings took their toll on his lower spine.

The doctors also told Ronny Geijsen (NED) to finish racing: he said he was “very, very disappointed.”

Pierre Carter (RSA) was eliminated at 11:30am this morning. First up the Gaisberg, the 43-year-old has since been slowed by a toe injury. According to race rules, every 48 hours the back runner is cut and today it was the South African’s turn to face the chop.

Meanwhile, the race continues. Christian Maurer (SUI3) still leads, and was over 455 km down course by 2:15pm - well over half way to Monaco. In the cooler air of higher altitudes, Maurer has increased his lead to nearly 100 km over defending champion Alex Hofer (SUI1).

Maurer and Hofer are the only athletes have crossed into Switzerland, at the time of writing, although Maurer has since crossed back into Italy, heading directly west.

It's increasingly becoming evident that supporter Thomas Theurillat is playing a huge role in Maurer's success.

Theurillat is a psychologist and mountain guide. He has broken the route to Monaco down into six binders rammed full of routes and information, and has checklists for every stage of every day.

Meanwhile, Toma Coconea (ROM) is fit and well again, but hasn’t reigned in his racing instincts. His supporter is similarly well-prepared, but Coconea appears to be one-track minded.
“Toma's been up running and walking since 2:00am this morning, but his zigzag path shows how inefficient all his efforts have been this morning,” reports race director Steve Cox.

Twenty-four athletes continue the 818km adventure race to Monaco.
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23 juil.2009

Xalps 2009 l'aventure continue...

Vole et Marche Man !
Courage ! Détermination ! tu en est capable !

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17 juil.2009

Orages bienvenus pour mieux dormir la nuit...

Après la chaleur les orages reviennent rafraichir l'atmosphère... sun03.gif

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10 juil.2009

Essai de la mini-voile ZACOSPEED 16...

Au Crêt le soir pour essayer la ZACOSPEED 16 de DUDEK PARAGLIDERS... Sympa comme voile mais je ne retrouve pas les sensations qui me plaisent dans les mini-voiles... Chacun ses goûts... 38.gif

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05 juil.2009

Bah ! Faut savoir renoncer...

Montée avec BigGilles que je remercie... Martin Muller et 10000mots nous accompagnent... drunk.gif

Un seul volera avant le front je vous laisse deviner qui ?

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